Gravitonas – Call Your Name [Official Video]

Music video by Gravitonas performing Call Your Name. © 2012 SoFo Records Under exclusive license to Universal Music AB.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. pacify13 says:


  2. Sevi Parmaxidou says:

    why this video and the video from the pain we love to hide are almost the same?

  3. Екатерина Линникова says:

    Pride In My Religion….or am I alone here I hear another song? tune up … It’s time to compose new and not rehash old ….

  4. crazyhyperrandom says:

    This sounds like Stole My Heart by One Direction :/

  5. DJVarmian says:


  6. Helen Hellene says:

    Oλοι το εχουν αυτο:Ρ

  7. Xristina Vamvakousi says:

    po auta einai

  8. Dimitris Doukas says:


  9. ucouldbe says:

    makes me feel good

  10. Ryan Privee says:

    This song has a similar beat and title to nicko ganos’ Say My Name, hmm someone copying?

  11. doreta23 says:

    sexy group!!!

  12. singnuptoyou says:

    ich liebe dieses lied 😀

  13. alex mpezaris says:

    to song den paizete ine iperoxo!!! alla gamoto dn akougete kai para poli :(

  14. razor callahan says:

    Alla exei gamath endymasia xD

  15. Slobodan Garic says:

    Nice song,i love it <3
    Greeting from Serbia.

  16. Nattamon Jina says:

    from Thailand I like your music

  17. EIRINI TZO says:

    ;-) kai egw +1

  18. MrErmionaki28 says:

    Poso uperoxa tragoudia exoun??anatrixiazw se ola tous..:’) 3 😀

  19. Helen Hellene says:


  20. nksglns says:

    O sixamenos me ta mousia exei afisei apisteuti istoria sti mousiki omws 😉

  21. George Chatzi says:

    guys check also my version of their videoclip ”lucky star” here:
    comment and hope you like it!

  22. ChristosX22 says:

    la8os paidia.malakia egrapsa.den einai auto to vaftistiko tis telika.alla den me eog tin agapo. ante kai kalinuxta

  23. Lia Gagastathis says:

    Paidia einai Souidoi telika.Alla pio polu akougetai to tragoudi edw para sth Sweden.

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