AMETSUB Downtempo Electronica IDM Music 2012 Glitch Chill Out Electro Electronic Downbeat idm musica

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. GreatScores says:

    Great track and great music. I hope you have success with your music, as it is very cool!

  2. theulv says:

    The name of the song is “Repeatedly”.

  3. WishingBones says:


  4. 19RyanVoorhies93 says:

    i actually had a dream of something like this last night. strange coincidence. and i started my day by going to youtube and looking through shared videos (which is something i actually rarely ever do). glad i’ve seen this. love the visuals a lot, and the song is pretty nice.

  5. kopr202 says:

    pure!… robots make love to this music…

  6. TheBoondockSaints says:

    I was expecting trash when I opened up my shared videos folder, but this was a pleasant surprise. Good shit mate.

  7. Gato303co says:

    Nice 🙂

  8. Spinelocks says:

    This was smooth. Really relaxing and inspiring. I am a blind electronic artist and I reasently downloaded my first IDM song here. It would be nice if people would share their opinion on my music. 😀 Or just wisit my channel.

  9. jonh2o says:

    I’ve never seen a video sync so perfectly to a song like this. I visualize waves and colors and stuff similar to what this video portrays and it’s great to see it for real.

  10. enpinion says:


  11. Alienated29 says:

    Seen it before, glad I came across it again, very cool video.

  12. Dyceptyko says:

    me gusta! te rifas!….


    sehr sehr geiles video ,,hammermässig errinert an die kunst von daim!! super daumen hoch!!
    schöne grüsse aus berlin SIMS DEEP ART

  14. Ag3ncyDubstep says:

    Sorry for the spam, don’t really know how else to get my music out there. I’ve spent a long time on this trip-hop track please check it out and give me some feedback  /watch?v=Fwpni6W34vE

  15. konjunktion26 says:

    There should be nothing and nobody who designs limits in the name of musical experimental art and who designs them (limits) shouldn´t call it “IDM” or even art – AT ALL. We are the ultimate sonical wizards and what we design are realities in a multiverse of endless frequency realities and each tone is a message of tragedy if the limits are the law of attraction in the eye of the creator.

  16. Jonok911l says:

    this is Ametsub! (thumbs up so that people can see who the original artist is!)

  17. Puschit1 says:

    Sounds like DJ Koze/Adolf Noise

  18. manovardast says:

    Yeah, you’re right! I like that song, thanks for name. It is lil dark but great! If we talked about anime, then it is one of the best anime in the history with nice songs!

  19. Totalsk8team says:

    I feel it too. The structure is like the song that is played when Light first found the death note laying on the ground and throughout the series. I’m sure the song is called ‘Himitsu’ 🙂

  20. foxfire43573 says:

    How to made it?

  21. GonzaloMedia says:

    gotar 🙂

  22. DanArmaniBeats says:

    Insane chillness doo.

  23. manovardast says:

    this music reminds me anime Death Note. idk why

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