Billy Corgan SXSW 2012 Interview with Brian Solis Rocks Music Fans

Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins frontman, rocked music fans to support their favorite bands during a SXSW 2012 interview with Author and Social Media Strategist Brian Solis. Billy encouraged fans to support their favorites with re-tweets and Facebook shares, and get out of a “victim mentality” if a band asks them to buy something. As the music industry continues to evolve, Billy shared, “The artist has to figure out a way to drive people to them in a way that’s going to sustain their interest.” You can watch part of this interview in this video: Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan Rocks Music Fans at SXSW 2012. And for more SXSW updates visit, please follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook
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  1. CommittedMusic says:

    Seriously!!!!!! Why would you just cut off a beautiful rant of 120% truth about the record industry??????????????????

  2. Max Email says:

    i’ll say this the marriage of creativity and commerce is not working so well…

  3. Max Email says:

    dude is a A list complainer haha

  4. Max Email says:


  5. Demention94 says:

    I don’t think people with millions of dollars are making a emotional re-engagement anymore then the people who are poor. If the whole world was rich they probably still would not be as supportive. His point is that people are the ones who need to spend time thinking about music and supporting it. And if there not able to purchase it there sure is not hell downloading it.

  6. allibis083 says:

    Billy and his CRAZY. He is over-the-roof crazy on people tweeting or not tweeting? This guy really needs to take a vacation now and then, date some girls, do other stuff besides focusing on your crazy.

  7. Threwthelookingglas1 says:

    Bring the Lights! bring on the new music revolution! and as my 5 dimensional friends always
    say “You Are The One To Bring Balance To The Force” and they say that to everyone* I do agree with the comment if people could afford to put food on the table then maybe the music industry would be healthier but come on what ever you think about billy he’s been thru some shite to get where he is and he is helpin the world out of a hole in ways that he knows he can.. rock on Billy yu rich Mother Lover*xX

  8. Derrick Tyson says:

    “What is it going to take for the audience to re-engage in the emotional part of that process?”

    Ha! Not EVERYONE has a bank-account full of millions, Billy! Are you kidding me?! I suppose the “emotional re-engagement” of this “process” would come much easier if people weren’t struggling to barely put food on the tables to feed their family, or to barely get by with. It is EASY to speak about “purchasing items” when one has a relatively ‘stack’ of cash just begging to be spent!

  9. Derrick Tyson says:

    Billy acts like he has a corn-cob stuck up his anus. Our current national & GLOBAL ECONOMY sucks, to begin with; gas prices are insane; the cost of utilities, groceries & overall cost of living is insane & ppl are barely making it these days; 100 million ppl in this nation are unemployed; 53% of college grads are either unemployed or UNDERemployed; the dollar is being devalued, etc., etc., yet he’s complaining about ppl buying his albums?! Get over yourself & enjoy your lavish lifestyle!

  10. Derrick Tyson says:


  11. jessinerr says:

    Either way, he can rant about whatever and it won’t affect my enjoyment of the music and the band and I don’t think the man himself is a bad guy. But seriously Bill, you are living your dream and are supporting yourself well off of it. A lot of your fans do not have that privilege. [END RANT]

  12. jessinerr says:

    Maybe he should just check his attitude and the way he says shit, because fans like me bust our asses at normal shitty jobs to be able to afford to put money in his pocket. And that’s fine because I want to, I get to choose how I spend my rec time and my money. But perhaps a little more grattitute toward the fans who do MORE than their part in spreading the word about his band is in order. Let’s put things in perspective for a minute.

  13. jessinerr says:

    I have supported the fuck out of this band for 15 years, still do. I’m going to BUY Oceania in June and BUY tickets to see them for like the millionth time when dates are released, probably will see more than one show. I promote the band on my Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
    I get where Billy’s coming from and whatever, but why is he acting like some urchin from a stage production of “Oliver!”? Presumably he has millions in the bank?

  14. rivalryssportsbar says:

    GLOBALLY Police Military Sherriffs Politicions Teachers Government Officials News Anchors Journalists Celebritys Bankers and People EVERYWHERE are Turning on Their MASTERS

  15. innerstatejt says:

    Your attitude is the reason he’s talking about this. Holding the attitude of “just shut up & play the hits” is not a model that works in this current climate. Unless you’re willing to stand out and support what you really love, the music industry (or at least the popular music industry) is going to sound castrated. There will be no Gun’s & Roses or Nirvana or Oasis to save us from the usual crap. Rock & rebellion in popular music is currently dead.

  16. Bigdadda20 says:


  17. Patrick Paul says:

    future generations will notice your genius and enjoy your music too, dont worry about the now….let the future be what it will be…the music industry is and always will be evolving….theres really nothing you

  18. Patrick Paul says:

    If thats how you feel then just do what you do and fuck what everyone else thinks….dont waste your time trying to explain this to someone who doesnt really care! you made great music and just let it be at that, i understand that you still have to make money to pay your bills but just let it be what it is because future fans will apprieciate your music, just like everyone still appreiciates Metallica…. can do to change that or influence peoples minds or thoughts about the music they like

  19. DirgeGameStudio says:

    I got on Pandora this year, and just had a song in a national commercial. My sound is something that Pumpkins fans should really dig…AND I sell my album on cdbaby for $5 (Amazon jacks it to $10, iTunes to $9). But you know what…no one gives a shit. I try to give music out for free…still no one gives a shit. To summarize, no one gives a shit.

  20. darthmon26 says:

    bill is the best haha!

  21. ZealotsofMercury says:

    I want to know why Fugazi was able to produce cd’s at an $8 price point IN THE 90’s yet google play is charging $11.99 for a digital album in 2012. The answer of how to engage fans is to lower the fucking price. And it’s not even that it’s just so expensive it can’t be justified, it’s that the prices are the same, and the quality is down.

    As a music fan in my 30’s I find myself in a quandry. There just aren’t many choices except supporting veteran artists who deserve it.

  22. DavidFUBB says:

    Billy Corgan is always right. Thank you, kind sir.

  23. James Robinson says:

    fuck young the giant

  24. oxiuro26 says:

    its a pitty that smashing pumpkins is not in the maimstrein

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