6 Hour Deep House Lounge Music DJ Mix Set by JaBig – Chill DEEP & DOPE 2012 Playlist

– Download: dj.jabig.com – Bookings: www.jabig.com or email: bookings@jabig.com – Like JaBig on Facebook: www.facebook.com – Twitter: twitter.com JaBig’s 6-Hour Deep House Music Marathon [Top 2011 DEEP & DOPE Chill Lounge DJ Mix Set] Playlist: 1. Big City Lights (Onip Dub Mix) Pino Shamlou…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. xbellachicax says:

    they are

  2. xbellachicax says:

    Listen to this everytime I do my work, the best way to relax <3

  3. Ben Rimell says:

    Is there any way track times could be posted on the description? I would be eternally grateful. Ace mix !

  4. Prof. J. Eduards says:

    Awesome! Hope you include the music-loving Philippines in your itinerary! More power to you and God Speed!

  5. kharl kent says:

    niquel le mix

  6. joao teixeira says:

    sure :D


    for the latest deep house & tech house come and check out my channel!

  8. frances javier says:

    this. is. AAAMAZING! i am so proud of you! thank you for being you.<3

  9. Devon Smith says:


  10. Alain D. Evrard says:

    great stuff, anyone is a having some weed?

  11. Auch Man says:

    verry good mix

  12. KillStolen says:

    I never knew what the definition of “Deep House” was, turns out I have been a fan of this genre for years =D such an awesome mix mate love it!

  13. liessdasnicht says:

    anyone knows the track at 1:53:00 playing?

  14. Pretty Prettiskirts says:

    Straight hypnotized! Thank you!

  15. sbarry88 says:

    Great Homework Music, Thanks 🙂

  16. Mac McKenna says:

    Jabig, If you pass through Germany, You have a bed and food at my humble abode. Not german though I’m a brit living there. Enjoy your journey is your on it.

  17. jon stev says:

    Jabig, this is truly amazing music, I feel really connected and powerful, I can shut the world away and tune in with my headphones! wonderful work mate!

  18. Baltmanns says:

    great deepness. deepness is very important

  19. lotusphire says:

    Love this mix. 

  20. Ahmed M says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this mix man

  21. AurisDJ says:

    looks like im not into deep house, minimal is my style ;D

  22. Coco Salvo says:


  23. theacab channell says:

    you’re crazyyyy!compliment you’re great

  24. Kath Brabbins says:

    Man - this is SOME mix..thanks…………

  25. rasPAPAPAtafari says:

    if you like this, you’ll love that:

    steven maff

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