Mr Renzo Ft. Aidonia – Bend Ya Back (REMIX) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO – June 2013

Mr Renzo Feat Aidonia – Bend Ya Back – REMIX – OFFICIAL VIDEO – Star Blu Ent. 2013 DON’T 4 GET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:…

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  1. David Adams says:

    well that ,eams u dont like the hook and intro of the song which is the hardest thing in the song. @yoitsjay2dajay stop talking shit

  2. yoitsjay2dajay says:

    would be better without this renzo guy donia kill it

  3. Gracious4eva says:

    nice video ~ wasn’t specting dat soca twist

  4. Kiyomi Nguyen says:

    Yinki viand’

  5. Dexduzdiz says:


  6. msredruby35 says:

    (” “!! 

    ‘!!)(* *) ‘?”)

  7. tofeejmeisje says:

    Nice d(^ _ ^)b

  8. dante daniel Lane says:

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  9. Veda Faudar says:

    mod ting

  10. KingExquisitee says:


  11. Naresh KSingh says:

    Madd Skunt

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