WORK by Trillion & The Broken Heartbreakers (NEW – July 2013) NEW RAP 2013 HIP-HOP SONG WORK ♫

collaboration project between Trillion & The Broken Heartbreakers download: released 0…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    hey guys come see my newest song. thanks.

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  4. ArtsVideos2 says:

    Awesome. Contains truth. Thanks Trillion!

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  6. NZtrillion says:

    haha, this guy is WORKing from home ^

  7. DigitalCAPS says:

    Another great composition ;)

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  9. AMPKILLA LaddyEnt says:


  10. michaelelendil1 says:

    that’s a heck of a lot of views in two weeks!…..”the tables gleam like a laser beam”…awesome

  11. mustardnz says:

    The guy in the dunny at the start needs a hi-vis comply with regulations.

  12. MrNWOExposed says:

    I love your songs Trillion! That was a great video, love the beat and the hook! I’M DEFINITELY SHARING THIS ONE…EXPECT MORE VIEWS!

  13. sean noonan says:


  14. Slavestorms says:

    Do you take requests? Do a remix, paradoy, mashup or whatever you’d call it of the old song “Indian Reservation” by Marvin Rainwater and change the word Cherokee to Anarchy

  15. MrBourchakoun says:


  16. 14wntr says:

    great background music! Now I have to go to work…

  17. Saru G says:

    Trilliant as ever bro. Fuckin depressing but love it all the same.

  18. brand1angel says:

    Dope as always
     very nice my dude

  19. Monkey Records says:

    Good to see that Protestant work ethic coming to the fore Trillion.

  20. Victor Billot says:


  21. leucotomy101 says:

    dopest security guard ever

  22. egghertz says:

    love it !

  23. StopFundingIsrael says:

    sweet smooth melody…. love it great raps as well Trill (Y) As always !!!

    -Steve =))

  24. Shane LaRoche says:

    Good “work” ;)

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