Bolier – Sweet Love (Calling Out Your Name) [Official Music Video]

Bolier – Sweet Love (Calling Out Your Name) is OUT NOW! Download or stream here:

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Bolier takes his renowned deep house flavor to new heights with this high energy groove. Built around world famous vocals Sweet Love is the definition of warm and touching dance music, featuring subtle chords and effects, all servicing the main melody. If there’s one track that’s going to hit deep house audiences in the heart this summer, it’s gotta be this one!

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  1. Princee Marr says:

    What's the original song ?

  2. ciao addio says:


  3. Antonio Wolfito says:


  4. Fredy Ortiz says:

    Esto se va a Descontrolar xD

  5. javier DASH says:


  6. javier DASH says:


  7. Jorge Luis Garcia says:

    Esas Chicas 👍😘

  8. Oscar López says:

    Tchami Remix!

  9. Daniel #_# says:

    le falta mas peshos y muchos culos pero si me gusta

  10. Mr_Mavincii :v says:

    Like number 10K

  11. Eric Kunkel says:

    Wy is everyone complaining of this videos with chiks and porn… fkn faggotss

  12. Cloud70 says:

    Good song but VERY repetitive :/

  13. Pratik Pro says:


  14. THE progamer NL says:

    Very Nice track bolier i love peaple from Elspeet

  15. Elina Bodelsson says:

    What's the name of the boy ? 😍😍😍😍

  16. dvb bassboosted music says:


  17. TheKingDragonFire says:

    Welcome to "Spornning Records" ;)

  18. BramMalleJan PoepInJeKont says:

    2:56 Who's she

  19. Natalia Obando says:


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