Drake- One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla) Sir Skitzo COVER!!

I do not claim to own the instrumental in the background.
The beat was 100% reproduced and does not fall under copyright terms. The music in this video is fair use and will not be subject to reports.


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  1. PandaTheGreat says:

    You did better then drake xD

  2. Lyndon Pierre says:


  3. MrCunty79 says:


  4. Mario Peron says:

    Sounds like a White twista boy … You killed ^^it "congratulations

  5. Alexis Rojas says:


  6. Maryam Abbani says:


  7. Margarita Villa says:

    Omg… This was surprisingly amazing.

  8. Bboy Mz-Lotto says:

    Where does he get all his other beats? I need some for raps I do

  9. Meme Life says:

    love it…hotttt chit!!

  10. Lightning Gamings says:

    Skitzo, mind posting the lyrics man? i'd really appreciate it.
    Nice song anyways though, heard it like 10 times already.

  11. Bojana Nedeljković says:

    you have the original version on my channel :)

  12. Ashik Ali says:

    your pop style was good but this was aiyht but still good though

  13. ShayEsh says:

    damn fire AF

  14. Antonio Triano says:


  15. tyrell jackson says:

    fucking bars

  16. Devin Fisher says:

    hell yeah my nigga. keep working. from Dre the second

  17. Ninety9sounds says:

    SHIT my rooms on fire HELP

  18. Jonney Arias says:

    That good vibe 🔥

  19. Young Sosa says:

    I'm surprised he ain't rich yet this dude can rap bruh real shxt

  20. Zuhs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    Been here since 6k subs strong, mean a lot if you replied on snapchat ^>^

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