The Flaming Lips – Space Oddity (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for The Flaming Lips’ “Space Oddity”

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  1. DangerSilent says:

    God your are horrid. Just stop making music. It isn't 1968 anymore you idiots. Not everyone lives on shrooms like you. Musically incompitent dicks.

  2. Andrea Miklasz says:

    Steven is actually wearing a cape I got for him, it's incredible

  3. Tony Maimone says:

    Well done!

  4. mishmashcash says:

    wow! some surreal stuff going on there

  5. Patricio Saldivia says:

    Just Amazing dude, this is a magic cover.

  6. Dennis DeSilva says:

    The Flaming Lips take on this classic was great. But the video needs more nun footage. Can i get an amen?!

  7. Jonathan Bevan says:

    Amazing visuals but really whats the point apart from super over indulgence.and I mean I love these guys and all …

  8. Alvaro Arana says:


  9. jfrockon says:

    Such a gay ass band…

  10. deez135 nuatz says:

    this is pretty good

  11. Hayden Thring says:

    red or blue pill ? screw it, take both

  12. Industrial says:

    what kind of light was that? the projected wave-y one. I want one.

  13. You Had To Be There Productions says:

    I'm ok with this.

  14. Cameron B says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeah

  15. MissMischiv says:


  16. cari Bann says:

    flaming lips is garbage

  17. George Mortimer says:

    I'd pay Scottish pounds to see a Flaming Lips tour of Bowie songs.

  18. _DIRTY_ _DAN_ says:

    I literally just typed in music video, scrolled down to the bottom of the page, clicked the first one I saw, and commented. i am bored

  19. AljThe5 says:

    damn this was good

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