Baby Bash – Slide Over (Feat. Miguel) (Official Music Video 2012)

Bash Town Music Presents Baby Bash With “Slide Over” of his upcoming albume “Cool and Cosistent” Featuring Miguel.Check out and Support.Buy and Check out Baby Bash Official Merchandize Website…Album Coming Real Soon.(: Baby Bash Official Merchandize Wed site Itunes iTunes -It was release for the first time last Friday (11/18/2011) By Power 106 FM (LOS ANGELES).. Where You Could Find me? Facebook.: Tumblr: Blog: Twitter: MySpace: Subscribe for more exclusive music and footage!!! Thanks For Watching!! Other Tags: Mr Criminal Mr criminal Gang bang Symphonies hi power entertainment Crimes Gang bang symphonies new release hi power mr criminal we got that bomb you new eastside most hated mr capone e lil wayne tyga drake birdman cash money ray j twista the game west coast mr capone new album streets of american lil rob 1218 new miguel slide over upstairs records baby baby LEGAL DISCLAIMER The content within these recordings are property of their respective Designers, Writers, Creators, Owners, Organizations, Companies and Producers. I do not and will not profit from making and uploading these recordings, they are for fun & archival purposes only. This Disclaimer applies to all uploaded recordings within my account unless stated otherwise in videos.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. Rachel kayn says:

    LOL the guys Tongan

  2. cnd730 says:

    tight video but i like the other song verson! <3 (:

  3. Sweetbnny says:

    great video!

  4. 956Mex1 says:

    Jus bought dis rola on iTunes!

  5. mrbubster326 says:

    Poly Pride. <3

  6. Lola Chiu says:


  7. frederich111 says:

    DAMN baby bash my bad but, you old as fuck lol

  8. tEiNExGEExFRESH says:

    ohh waahh? is that a Samoan dude in there? POLY STAND UP!! We on a rise 🙂 isnt baby bash with a Samoan chick tho? Lol

  9. samutprakam says:

    ever asked whos that beautiful girl there ? its jasmine v

  10. 956Mex1 says:

    Bad ass song

  11. SaintCityMN says:

    What happened to baby beesh???!!! This is disappointing

  12. 509orlando509 says:

    good song, good lyrics and good video, its realiy good quality

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