“They Want” – Hard Dark Rap Beat Free Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019 | WilliamBeats #Instrumentals

#792 – “They Want” – Hard Dark Rap Beat Free New Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019, by U.S. producer WilliamBeats. #Instrumentals | 💰 Purchase (No Tags) ➜ https://Rujay.co.uk.

📷 Photo by Josh Sorenson.

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: “They Want” by WilliamBeats.
Channel: https://YouTube.com/user/RujayTV.

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  1. Rujay says:

    Show some support! Leave a like & comment! 
    Let’s see who has the best lyrics!

    This beat is available here – https://Rujay.co.uk

  2. Ant Clark says:

    🔥 Nice beats! You need more views!! Most producers are using smzeus dot com to rank their videos!

  3. TATA CREATOR says:

    Pak.saya mau pake mucik ini bisa kah.saya mau buat lagu

  4. Street Poke says:

    What they want from me?
    Killa spirits
    In you and me
    I don't fear it
    They talking to they self
    Can you hear something
    Cause right now I don't hear it
    In the city jungles
    Like a farmer
    Tomorrow is custom
    I wasn't born like this
    I started from the bottom
    I watched my dad battle with a bottle
    Why are you in my circle?
    Your gonna wish I never brought'em
    When we deal with money it's always a problem
    1 plus 1 is 2
    They don't no they math
    I think they head is unscrewed
    Not me fuck u
    You've said u got me.
    But why is it I always got u
    Your using me like a thot rule
    U act real but your life to me is a cartoon
    U wanna ride with me
    But u don't wanna carpool
    Asking me to use my car too?
    Are you smoking on the wrong fuel?

  5. Vinny Tres says:

    Spelled onny

  6. Vinny Tres says:

    They want str8 rock aye beeyotch shot the fock op 1 i cant sleep i clack heat smokin and tokin imaginary dank weed 2 from classy to fancy from the slaughter house dancee aztecy no need to ponder nows 3 i got hotter vowls then you ever had the hit dropper styles are true mexster bang 4 move enter bad when i step in the plaza leader of crew mexster gang reppin la raza 5 you checkin my cara to see my traits foos steppin is mada once i reach high base 6 bring night days full of natrual icycles fiend thy babes youll love actual my trickoes 7 pull up tragical scientificals with this persona viva mexico mija sexy tho sickest were on yaaaaa 8 ooooh!!!

  7. Blessed Vnshi says:


  8. mm mm says:

    They wait …impatiently for the downfall of me …they will be waiting forever cause I'm a beast …In this game life reclaim I got the first hand on the deck first no regrets …fux stress

  9. OfficialBlackstrikerMusic says:

    I'm bout to drop something with this, it's absolute fireee! I'll share with you when it's uploaded! No worries, I'll give credit, AS ALWAYS! 🙂

  10. Beats by Basti says:

    I like the drums!!

  11. DARK LORD says:


  12. DARK LORD says:

    Nice song

  13. Natasha J. Gustafson says:

    If I was to murder this beat
    People be asking if ya ever heard of her in these Streets knows to be so sweetly tho keeps it so street
    When it comes to murdering these beats instrumental on point how ya like this sweet beat if u ain't never heard of me u'l peeps hear word on the streets initials be NjG tho can she keep up with the beat while she street sweep knowda preach teach'n these with every bit I say & all I'm bout to be Notice me I'll be me explosively everything I been thru to know truth I took to the extremes

  14. Alexander Roman says:

    I dont mumble but i stumble yeah i u right i keep it humble because u nothing to ppl u just double trouble for ppl u dont know how to have a girl because u dont know how to treat a girl im a re bound for your girl

  15. Jokah says:


  16. Jokah says:

    Beat is FYE

  17. Rap Beats Hip Hop instrumentals -JMBeatz1 says:

    William is this guard beatmaker 🙏💥🔥
    Good job 🔥🔥

  18. AlexPrayOfficial says:

    I like the vibe!!

  19. Todd Johnson says:

    What they want is more than I have to give. I’m spent. Put all my efforts in. Stepped with my best foot forward. Yea. I stumbled the world and the life I live keeps me humble. Never mumble speakin clearly look into my eyes. You can see n hear the pain clearly. One world. One tribe. One life. Live right.

  20. SONG MEAN says:

    Nic moc zkus prostě prostej aby se na něj mohlo repovat pls

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