EXTREME BASS Rap Beat Hard Dope Trap Hip Hop Instrumental – "Bomb" (Prod. Nico on the Beat)

EXTREME BASS Rap Beat Hard Dope Trap Hip Hop Instrumental – “Bomb” (Prod. Nico on the Beat)
Purchase this beat: https://nicoonthebeat.beatstars.com/beat/bomb-2330562
Beat store: https://nicoonthebeat.beatstars.com/

Email: Gojdek3@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicoonthebeat/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/nico-on-the-beat
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. iamscyence studiotrappin says:

    Nice work 🔥

  2. lil GGOAT says:

    Nice beatr

  3. lopezgt01 _YT says:

    I subscribe But I'm Back Boy

  4. Jordan Lee says:

    you burnt my pizza

  5. Zack Britt says:


  6. Shadow Freddy says:

    free or nah?

  7. Alex Nico david says:

    Good beat nice beat 😎😎💣💣🔥🔥

  8. Keval Parmar says:

    Faddu beat bro😍😍😍…..i pratice my rap in this beat

  9. Alicia Cardin says:


  10. Alicia Cardin says:


  11. LiL PuFfY says:

    Yo Nico what software you use

  12. Niqqy_Likes_JAM 69 says:

    This is dope 👌🏽🔥

  13. CheetoPieHa Productions says:

    Awesome beat!

  14. On The Run Productions says:

    bitch im droppin bombs, goin long

    smokin strong, let me hit that bong

    shoot my haters now they gone, shoot my haters to this song

    im out here fuckin hoes while you out here doin shit wrong

    got my boi nico, on this fuckin beat,

    you know my boi nico, from these fuckin streets

    droppin bombs so hard that you wettin sheets

    droppin beats so fat makes your heart beat

    this bomb explodin, in your fuckin face
    if you fuck with my boi nico we will rob ya place
    if you drop a dislike we will make ya pay
    when nicos in the studio dont get in the way

    cuz the man is busy makin shit thats holy
    power up like dragon ball z bitch im fuckin brolly
    then spray ya with this spirit bomb
    in the form of this fuckin song

  15. Hidoi Hito Known as your favorite Gachatuber says:

    This blessed my ears, I shall neva fOrGet this

  16. Silent G says:

    I love your beats good job man👊

  17. Christopher Patton says:

    Nico I use your beats something and I rap with it

  18. SuperEDMboom says:

    Thank you, music, for being there when there was no one else.

  19. Mysterý ZonË says:

    Yeah Exploding like a Bomb
    Too Hungry I make crumbs
    Some bars may be dumb
    Beating hard like a Drum
    Spray like a Tommy Gun
    This girl is hot like the sun
    I just tryna have fun
    Can feel the beat (Num)
    Yo breath stinks use Gum
    Beat so hard makes a hum
    Trap like Bomb
    Too Hungry crumbs
    Honey u can run
    22g Please Z
    Freeze Traping harder than the Beat
    These bars are nothing
    But i know it Heat
    Microwaving people Nba2k19
    Crossing people Kyrie
    These Girls so Hot like Kylie
    So tall (Center)
    Not Kylie Jenner

  20. MattIsLoling says:

    Nico on the beat,
    Nico this some heat,
    im hungry let me eat,
    cant just have a piece,
    got me snapping with my teeth,

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