"Invasion" – Storytelling Trap Beat New Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019 | Skynexx #Instrumentals

#888 – “Invasion” – Storytelling Trap Beat New Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019, by Austrian producer Skynexx. #Instrumentals | 💰 Purchase (No Tags) ➜ https://Rujay.co.uk.

📷 Photo by Miriam Espacio.

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: “Invasion” by Skynexx.
Channel: https://YouTube.com/user/RujayTV.

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  1. Rujay says:

    Show some support! Leave a like & comment! 
    Let’s see who has the best lyrics!

    This beat is available here – https://Rujay.co.uk

  2. Nicolas ANNE says:

    Du lourd tout en finesse 👌

  3. Mogley Forest says:

    – Truth/
    – it very rarely comes with proof/
    – imaginary fairy tooth/
    – man that chicks hairy but has boobs/
    – call her Larry it's a dude/
    – this shits scary through the roof/
    – or am I married to the blues/
    -In this merry institute/
    – it's a bender up for days/
    – it's a lifestyle not a phase/
    – and this sinner's here to stay/
    – it's a party it's. Craze/

  4. AugustineThe2nd says:

    😤 s t r a i g h t . b a n g e r 😤

  5. 30KillaBeatz says:

    yo you got heat! crazy songs! Subscribe back!

  6. Mogley Forest says:

    -hide the dope, and do the dishes/
    -i don't know he seems suspicious/,
    – in a world that's filled with bitches./
    -There's no more discussing/ -fuck planning let's get to busting/
    – two xanex it gets disgusting/
    – I'm manic so now I love it/

    – Fucking with that rift raft/
    – will have you with your wrist back/
    – Shit hit em with that click click clack/
    – and deliver em in gift wrap/
    – It's fact/
    – Better watch the way you react/
    – have you in the back/
    – of a Cadillac, flowers stacked, cap peeled back,/
    – battle ax, it's a fact /
    – don't do that./
    – Wipe your prints and grab your hat./
    – I think we'll leave out of the back./

  7. Beatmachinez says:

    Great as always! Keep it real!

  8. niesha patterson says:

    It seems like that was decades ago rujay made beats for Atlantis
    Back then we rode camels through the sand heading toward pyramids
    There were plenty enemies equipped with spears thinking about killing us
    We just certified warriors out to accumulate more gold and silver nuggets
    Cleopatra demanded protect our empire by all means no fear be aggressive
    I do have an issue your majesty we need blacksmith crafting here's new weapons
    Just in case you die out on battlefield a sarcophagus near patiently waiting
    Shaka Zulu sent message talking bout y'all will be facing 100,000 nigga invasion
    I'm feeling really nervous now considering big ass guns haven't been invented yet
    The closest thing I have to a pistol is this sling shot capable of firing off one pebble
    Knowing those Africans wanna stab us I'll just suit up full proof body armor ready
    General drake was talking shit even though he's unsuccessful at writing his own speeches
    I told that bastard I'll cut yo skull off myself when the day come you are headless horseman
    My problem with the dude he throws up the 6 proud as fuck to be affiliated with Satanist
    Just because you light skinned dont mean we gonna accept ya king reining over Egyptians

  9. Anna Braley says:


  10. Primo Beatz says:

    This is just 🔥

  11. Eksotic Beats says:

    Skynexx got some bangers!! 🔥🏆💚📀

  12. Silent G says:


  13. Blend Beats says:

    You always come through with the dope beats 🔥🙏

  14. Rafael Lopez says:

    I feel like this beat sounds better at 1.25 speed.

  15. Benaka crazed says:

    Benakacrazedlyrics//Since the birth of are creation, always had these fkrs causing hatred a invasion of these sadists so crazed could get creative switch it from a rebel to a pagan. U wanna see me slay them pass the Ray gun lets spray em I be praying to the ancients.coz these governments are slavery take and tell me of your fakery occupy and and drain the world of all its nature looking for a savour we at the bottom with no paper can't even build before a payment getting billed for all God gave me a whole new chapter to the power demonstrated so sick of it its basic they say that we be changing but mockery adjacent. The more I know the more im crazy.so it's always another war that we be waging the greed just be so blatant.until my mind burst with irritation im awake I see the fakest try to break me be mistaken lie in wake just slowly pacing in and out my grave even Satan had to chain me tell me evil educates me and betrays me and enemies be my only safety the lunacy be stated by impatience. Two sides two different faces every bar reminds me of the basis.ride or die breathing fire tell the day ends.clash of the tainted evil liberated hated ima be the playlist major be death back for souls and all the anguish for all who never made it the courts can judge me later…..

  16. *Jeremiah-The- Extraterrestrial* says:

    " This beat drastic, let me rap on it n turn this scene tragic/ extraterrestrial my rap game Galactic/ Universal flow, no black magic/you just makiing noise ,a decoy n slacking/ im blastin the air waves, static/ can't dicifer my language or tactics/ stretch money like its elastic/turn your fans to my fans thats fantastic/

  17. Anshar Griffith says:

    Good Beat

  18. Prod by. Gianni says:

    Flames G 🔥🐐

  19. BeastBeatz says:

    Fire beat…..

  20. DaYzLucid says:

    Great beats my boi keep up the great work‼️🔥

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