Everything Wrong With School Of Rock In 16 Minutes Or Less

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School of Rock is Jack Black at his best. It’s funny, it loves music, and it has adorable kids.

It also has sins out the ass. So we did what we do.

Next week: Robot sins and ’90s animated sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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  1. CrowVelle says:

    Maybe you should keep your personal music preferences to yourself.

  2. RockismyAir says:

    Oh my god, people who do not know who The Doors were make me sad.


  3. Thomas Becker says:

    The doors don't suck you suck

  4. thicchicc is here says:

    incorrect. the doors do not suck.

  5. Jason Martin says:

    The Doors suck? I’ll take them over the Sex Pistols any day.

  6. jonas hadfield says:

    Fuck cinema sins for thinking the doors suck, seriously fuck you

  7. Henry Giles says:

    best film ever good lord

  8. Whateverislying says:

    "this could have been an all timer. instead it's a forgettable charmer. what a pity" <3

  9. Bloodrage Engage says:

    Mmm, I'm usually at least 90% on board with these videos, but "the Doors suck?!" I can accept that you personally don't like Rush, but saying the Doors suck. Also, Immigrant Song doesn't deserve a sin, purely because it was so hard to get permission to use Led Zeppelin in movies. Jack Black actually made a video with some of the cast literally BEGGING to be able to use that song and it amazingly worked. He wanted this movie to be a way to introduce kids to amazing music they might not have heard of. If I ran a channel called YouTubeSins, you would have got a handful on this vid.

  10. Caitlin Grall says:

    who are the doors???????//??/?

  11. Caitlin Grall says:

    lol idek who those bands are

  12. Earth Dragon says:

    Lol, most of the people in here hating on CinemaSins for not liking The Doors, cause they can't handle another person's opinion. Relax, it's not the end of the world, just because they didn't like something you like. It's not some egregious sin to have a differing opinion.

    Also yes, The Doors suck.

  13. Astro Valentine says:

    I don't care how many sins. I will forever love this movie.

  14. Robert Hay says:

    How about Video Game Sins?

  15. Darth Fluffy says:

    Hey! Dude! You should ALWAYS trust ten year old girls! Look at Leona Mormont!!

  16. Arny Sakns says:

    Wait……..so you're basically saying that a movie that doesn't claim to be anything other than a fun story has plotholes??!! This is some groundbreaking content!

  17. Darth Fluffy says:

    Dissing a Joaquin Rodrigo concerto………10 sins…..YOU BASTARDS!

  18. Alamo James says:

    “Discount Max Fischer.” That might be the best reference to an obscure ‘90s film I’ve ever heard in one of these videos. Genius!

  19. GlittahGurl says:

    This movie has a fucking TV show on Nickelodeon now omh

  20. shellcats 1245 says:

    I like all three bands white stripes, linkin park and my life has beenbin foo fighters

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