Top 10 Rock Star 'Simpsons' Cameos

Throughout #TheSimpsons’ 30 seasons, hundreds of musicians have been yellow-fied, but these are the 10 most memorable appearances by rock and metal artists.

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  1. Spider-Deku says:

    Judas Priest isn’t Death Metal

  2. moo cow says:

    Goodnight “Springdon”, there will be no encore….😂

  3. Morgan Williamson says:

    no queen!!!!!

  4. FMZ101 says:


  5. hantu pochong says:

    Saying out loud Judas priest "blasting death metal"-stupidity cheap joke writing and people said its really funny

  6. Jeff Stone says:

    "Go to hell, you old bastard." One of the best lines in the whole series.

  7. Filip Lindblad says:

    I fucking lost it at judas priest… death metal?!??!??!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!

  8. Johmel Rey Pintor says:

    Damn Ramones singing happy birthday song.

  9. Anthony Dulong says:


  10. The Ushanka says:

    Totally forgot about The Who

  11. Johnny McBoogie says:

    David Crosby?

  12. _Juan_ says:

    r.e.m play in simpsons

  13. ArdillaVerde93 says:

    Probably not a cameo, but wasn't there a secret switch in a statuette of Jon Bon Jovi in one episode?~

  14. Shadow On the Sun says:

    Don't snap my undies 😂🤣

  15. kof ola says:

    Ramones blasting Burns. Cannot get better than that. 7:15

    By the way, that computer imagery is just so bad.

  16. Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër says:

    My favourite metal & rock bands in that 'Top 10 Simpsons Cameos' is;
    Judas Priest
    Paul McCartney
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Spinal Tap
    & The Smashing Pumpkins

    As for The Rolling Stones, yeah they're OK but I can't stand Green Day, obviously the lead vocalist is a complete prick in reality!

  17. Jorge Luis SOBREIRA says:


  18. Jaime Menéndez says:

    Where is white stripes?

  19. Mickey Kyl. says:

    03:43 O' the back masking controversy is severally encouraged by the Simpsons.

  20. Grand Tostada 132 says:

    I know Bowie wasn't in the episode but my favorite episode was when Elon musk was sent back to space and starman started playing (David Bowie)

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