The Rock is coming back to SmackDown and Twitter is electric: WWE Now

WWE Now gets a read on the pulse of the WWE Universe as The Rock prepares to make his return to WWE on Friday Night SmackDown’s debut on FOX.
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  1. Enrique Sanchez says:

    We want Punk too!!!!!!!

  2. 19 subscribers Wolf says:

    I can't wait the rest Smackdown live tonight at 8/7 Central with the rock on it

  3. Mircea Poteras says:

    Do The Rock vs CM Punk

  4. Christopher Williams says:

    I like Smackdown better on a Friday than Tuesday or Thursday.

  5. Normal Guy Normal Person says:

    Brock vs the rock one final match.

  6. Gaming with Smruti says:

    Smackdown is not showing in ten 1 now

  7. Gaming with Smruti says:

    How to watch smack down in India?

  8. Daniel Sandoval says:

    Randy Orton vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 36.

  9. Israel Vinson says:


  10. The Phenomenal One says:

    i havent watched WWE in quite a long time. now im not gonna miss smackdown

  11. Dayvion Carter says:

    0:57 WWE SmackDown's new theme song!!

  12. John stafford says:

    Is there AC/DC at the end of the show oh yeah

  13. Ramon Alaniz says:


  14. Julio Ortiz says:

    Do you smell what the rock is coming?

  15. King kev says:

    Finally the rock has Com home Friday night's smackdown is the house that the rock built

  16. MrApprentice 86 says:

    The rock saves Roman???????????????

  17. abdelkader daraoui says:

    orton vs the rock wrestlemania 36

  18. Zahid Jamaludin says:

    If you smell what the rock is cooking

  19. The Pickle zone says:

    I hope rock calls punk on phone and punk picks up and come to smackdown

  20. Ritchie Navarro says:

    Friday night smackdown is back on broadcast television on a full time basis.

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