Pokemon Sword Part 15 ROCK TYPE GORDIE! Gameplay Walkthrough Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword Part 15 ROCK TYPE GORDIE! Gameplay Walkthrough Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword and shield Gameplay Walkthrough
#pokemon #pokemonsword #pokemonshield

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  1. All-Terrain Killer Shark says:

    The way you butchers the brillliant name "Purrserker" is killing me.

  2. alex duggan says:

    This town is based of Bath city where I live, they have a Roman Bath in the centre of the city itself so yeah it’s awesome to see this in the game 🙂

  3. Serprime King Dragon Zarc says:

    The detective is a ghost

  4. Dj Micth says:

    First gym loss Should have shown it

  5. Wolfheart158 says:

    Did he really lose to a rock type gym with two fully evolved grass types? No wonder he is feeling down.😂

  6. Avatar N says:

    That gigantamax coalossal reminds me of the titanus zord from power rangers

  7. Wise Lenny says:

    Yamask wont evolve until a certain threshold :/ and u have to go to somewhere to evolve yamask

  8. Kinra Jade says:

    11:45 Oh ! Is it that detective from the Sun Moon anime ?
    So, when are you going to look for Poke Jobs and currys ?

  9. valdi harrys says:


  10. Brolai Jeans says:

    Scorbunny sydincates unite

  11. jerold torno says:

    to evolve your yamask to go near Dusty Bowl btw love your gameplay

  12. Syed A'qil says:

    The upload is very fast!!

  13. Parth Agrawal says:

    Can’t find this game on my PS4 pro can anyone tell me what’s wrong thank you kind sir

  14. Dark Spyro says:

    Cinderace is dope!

  15. Mako GamingLYFE says:

    Can we finally make multiple save slot in case we want to play a new game ?

  16. P0T4T0 S4V4G3 says:

    Voltsy is faster than our internet connection.

  17. TARDIStraveller96 says:

    I see why people aren't keen on Stonjourner's design but as a british guy like yourself, I love that we have a pokemon based on Stonehenge in the UK based region

  18. Satori Choo says:

    You need more sub's.

  19. Did Someone Say Cooper? says:

    I had a pet spider named Gordie

  20. Reshop Nanda says:

    This guy is seriously dedicated..

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