King Crimson – Rock In Rio 2019 (Full Show)

This is the KING CRIMSON performance at at Parque OlĂ­mpico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on October 6th, 2019. The band’s set-list was as follows:

1.- Drumzilla
2.- Neurotica
3.- Red
4.- The Court of the Crimson King (with Coda)
5.- Indiscipline
6.- Epitaph
7.- 21st Century Schizoid Man (with “Take the “A” Train” snippet)
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  1. Fernando Chanate de la Garza says:

    Simplemente hermoso !!!

  2. Tintop says:

    Mel Collins seems a bit insecure.. or is it just me? Saw them live in 2015 and he wasn't like this back then… maybe his monitor sound had some issues.

  3. tone brooker says:

    1,,, 2,,,,3 do what the fuck you like,,

  4. Jacopo Ghirardini says:

    La perfezione fatta musica

  5. Ace Hardy says:


  6. Juan Spinelli says:

    Excelente posteo y concierto. Gracias por postear đź’Ş

  7. Mehmet Can Gider says:

    this was very 'meh'

  8. Lyktwz says:

    Great, but … Where is Belew?

  9. Louise Calandrino says:

    3 drummers on the stage. F*ck yeah!!!!

  10. RUBEN GOMEZ says:

    Excelente concierto, gracias por subirlo

  11. Chris Michaels says:

    The only drummer I recognize is Gavin Harrison!

  12. Bob Champion says:

    Too many drums, not enough Belew…

  13. C Br says:


  14. TheMister123 says:

    Only disappointed that they didn't play their typical full set.

  15. NĂ©stor DarĂ­o Figueiras says:


  16. Juan Robledo says:

    1.- Drumzilla

    2.- Neurotica
    3.- Red
    4.- The Court of the Crimson King (with Coda)
    5.- Indiscipline
    6.- Epitaph
    7.- 21st Century Schizoid Man (with "Take the "A" Train" snippet) – 45:02

  17. Fernando Oyarzun says:

    Tuve la suerte de verlos en Satiago. Lo mejor que he visto en vivo!

  18. Christian Creel says:

    Three splendid drummers to fill Bruford's hands…

  19. P SM says:

    Vengan a MĂ©xico!

  20. Daniel Soto says:

    Impresionante . . .!!!

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