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Tim Cameron has built a new rock bouncer for the 2020 race season. TC has named this bouncer MENACE and man it is rowdy. This is buggy features IFS front suspension designed by Triton Engineering and it is pure beef!! It has a Whipple Charged LSX making well over 1000 horsepower, PTC Powerglide Transmission, SCS Straight Drive transfercase, 43″ Interco Super Swampers on custom 17″ Trail Ready Beadlocks and RCV performance Axles to keep them spinning. We look forward to filming this machine in the 2020 race season.
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  1. teamidris says:

    Yeh, that needs running through audacity to remove the shhhh. It doesn’t sit well with tinetous :o)

  2. bryan ford says:

    Christ!!! That's a hollotta honey!!!!!!!

  3. Jse contractors Inc. says:

    Innovative!, Tim if have any parts from hellbent I want them 😉

  4. Bearmite says:

    This has to be the lowest (center of gravity) buggy you've done. Good luck TC, Godspeed in 2020 & Merry Christmas!

  5. 1ST General says:

    Boogity Boogity Boogity lets go racing❕ Eggnog? Candy cane? Nah I wanna smell highly refined dinosaur 🦖poop💩and hear some freedom 🇺🇸 ring through the hills and hollers❕

  6. Michael Dose says:

    Looks like confirmation of Clayton Hollingsworth's creation. It's good to see innovation evolve. I am sure it will dominate in 2020

  7. Jason Riley says:

    If it was compliant and to KOH standards be awesome to see how this rig would stand up out west and if not dominant in a race.

  8. Mason Blake says:

    So, it’s fast

  9. Rick Marquart says:

    No wonder why he's so hard to beat! Awesome 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  10. Joel Nawty says:

    Why dislike this video?

  11. Cliffton Arnold says:

    Congrats to Tim on another badass build.

  12. Samantha Vandergriff says:

    He currently building a new buggy as we speak right now lol

  13. thehappyTexan says:

    I think Tim is really gonna like the whipple and Holley efi combo. Being able to swap pulleys for more or less power based on conditions, then being able to change the fuel and timing tables on the touch screen is a huge advantage. The on the fly adjustability with no need for a laptop is huge for the average racer looking for peak performance on different surfaces.

  14. Twoleggedkumulava says:

    Super stoked to see the HOONIGAN sticker!!

  15. Twoleggedkumulava says:

    Jesse at H.A.D. makes the absolute best driveshafts. He's the only one I'll ever use again as long as he keeps making them.
    Went through several if not all the other big name driveshaft fabricators and destroyed 9 shafts before I got one from Jesse that's held up for 8 year's now. I change my U-joints every other month (40-60 hours) of trails or every third race as preventative maintenance.

  16. Twoleggedkumulava says:

    I feel double beadlocks for rock racing are an absolute necessity. When you do get a flat and the inner bead looses seat it'll cause the tire to twist up and tear the outer sidewall and/or wrap up in those control arms and shocks instead of just holding on so you can throttle it back into shape to complete the run. DNF sucks ass, especially when it's caused by something so simple.
    I'd run a PVC ring like Stazworks or a Staun style inflatable double beadlock in this situation. But that's just me.
    I've been wondering for many year's why none of the wheel manufacturers have designed a staun style inflatable double beadlock that is attached to the wheel but better, stronger and wouldn't require a different mounting procedure than a factory dot wheel.
    I wonder if anyone has tried those airless honeycomb tires on a high horsepower hill climb buggy… Doubt they'd do well traction wise but maybe they'd handle the abuse better? I dono.

  17. R T says:

    Why do I get the feeling that this will be the next monster truck if they make another Zombieland movie?

  18. Fry daddy says:

    Damn cant wait to see this in action.!!.

  19. Kevin Luck says:

    Dang tim gonna give the IFS a try again
    I like the look of the spindles joints and control arm setup on this one better then the last one

  20. littleblackblazer says:

    Is it just me or does the bolt on the front of the trailing arm seem small compared to the rest?

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