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Instrumental By: Prod.Pria

Gremlin Lyrics:

They don’t understand me they don’t understand that I’m sick of the broke down camrys/
And everybody saying what I can’t be I’ma do this shit for my family/
And all those nights, we had no lights till the landlord came and we’d have those fights/
Back when I had no vice gotta cut the habit like I did it with xacto knives/
Cause that liquor, made my family bitter, made my family quitters/
I gotta prove that we can be winners make our salary bigger & can eat dinner/
We don’t need to starve in the street and as long as my heart got a beat then we’re all gonna eat/
I swear to God I’ma be all I can be that is a promise from me/
So momma you don’t need to grab that lotto
Cause I’m the winnin ticket & that’s my motto/
I don’t wanna slam that bottle no more
There’s too many dreams that I gotta go for/
& I gotta make that difference time is tickin and I don’t wanna waste a minute/
Not until I can look in my mom’s eyes and we both begin to cry cause I say I did it/

Ivan’s lyrics:

I’ma product of the street but there’s so much more that I got inside me/
I don’t wanna do those drugs I don’t wanna hurt no one I gotta show Mom what I could be/
She don’t have to shed those tears I’ll make sure she forgets those years/
And all those times I been out in the streets and locked in the pen I’m sorry again/
I keep starting again lost all of my friends I wish all this would end/
Though I try to pretend that I’m okay but inside I’m dead/
inside my head there’s so much madness
So much trauma so much sadness/
I can’t stand this how do I get past this?
Does anybody else understand this?/
The feeling of being so helpless
Where not even your family can help this/
I been through things and seen some things
Come with me I’ll show you where hell is/
But I’m sick of bein rebellious can’t wait till all of it’s done/
So I can tell my momma I’m sober it’s all over and she says im proud of you son/
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  1. Gremlin says:

    What's up Broken People family!! Hope you enjoy the new video ❤️.. Please be sure to share with everyone you know and let's change the world!! #BrokenPeople

  2. ZaS Shrakkette says:

    That song was dope. Hell you even had me crying. Damn got all in my feelings. lol

  3. Valentino Ruschena says:

    That song was fire

  4. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    When your mom sheds tears of joy…Priceless !

  5. JAZZ Alderete says:

    That was amazing yall should keep signing ❤

  6. ELIAS OMBERG says:

    You are incredible

  7. Sean Smith says:

    That was sick my guy. Best true to life lyrics hands down. The word to describe that song is "Real". Keep doing your thing and shine. This is a powerful message for everyone to hear.

  8. Marcus Buskard says:

    You both need to make more song together. That was fire!! 🔥 🔥

  9. GT FRITZ says:

    I loved that song so much dude you guys did amazing keep it up

  10. Julius Böttner says:


  11. Blake Berinobis says:

    Make it a song

  12. Crmx27664 Minjarez says:

    Had me in tears too❤ beautifully done, you guys are a blessed family. Love the merch. Will b buying both those shirts

  13. NEYSA RENTERIA says:

    Such A Beautiful Rap 🌹

  14. Ernesto Pulido says:

    Yoooo not alot of music getts to me but bros u guys are going to make it far in this world RESPECT

  15. Blazzing_DJ DJ says:

    Lmk when it drops it was fire

  16. L3D91 says:

    This is just great <3

  17. Blewprint says:

    This was great I loved it so much, it hit home for me I can relate with both of you. I can't wait and hope I can make my mother proud one day. Id love to shoot the music video for this if you make one… IG: blewprint

  18. Wendall Edries says:

    Best track since i 1st heard ur music💯

  19. Rich Adkins says:

    I dont leave comments ever but had to say I'm new to ur music but I like it and has a great messege man wish u all the luck.

  20. Justin Lukose says:

    I felt that. Lyrics were on point, good job

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