LATHI Rock – Weird Genius ft Sara Fajira – Cover by Jeje GuitarAddict ft Ollan

LATHI Rock – Weird Genius ft Sara Fajira – Cover by Jeje GuitarAddict ft Ollan
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Recorded, Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Jeje GuitarAddict at Seventh Records, Jakarta.

Vocal : Ollan
Bass : Lukman
Guitar : Jeje
Drum : Rudy Deniro

LATHI Rock – Weird Genius – Cover by Jeje GuitarAddict ft Ollan

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  1. Budi Silaban says:

    Come on 1M view one week πŸ‘

  2. Hexazor YT says:

    Bang rapsodi coba cover metal aowkaoak

  3. bawok ibanez says:

    Disayangkan sekali unsur tradisionalnya benar2 hilang!

  4. apaansimin says:

    Gokil parah si 😭

  5. King Ali says:

    selalu menghadirkan vokalis yg brkualitas,,
    semoga sehat trus buat kalian semua,,

  6. ibnu setiawan says:

    that's i called "bule sound's" gila sound nya bule bgt….mixingan nya rapi…vokal nya full power……

  7. Kencleng 05 says:

    Anjirrr merinding sumpah denger musik nya.
    Mantep lanjutkan bng Jeje semoga sehat selalu amin.

  8. Akew ayano says:

    suka suara vokal nya gua

  9. Khaiqal Sull says:


  10. fabian keisyam says:

    Keren vocalisnya.. Energinya keluar

  11. Zaldy lava says:

    Woow kereeen.. GG bg, sampe perut gw muless ikutΒ² an ngedeen πŸ˜…

  12. Yoga Dewantoro says:

    Buat versi vocal perempuannya bang

  13. Firman Syah says:

    Yang ditunggu akhirnya muncul ni mantaap

  14. Muhammad iswanda says:

    Ini baru rock🀘🀟

  15. Ekris Aprilland says:

    sadiss bang πŸ˜πŸ‘

  16. Cexbul wacky says:


  17. Egy Nugros says:

    Gak pernah gak keren, gokss!!!!

  18. Rahman says:

    Bener ni orang sesuai exspetasi gua daripada cover uler

  19. erick jelex says:

    gitarnya ibanez K7 kah ?

  20. Rifdah Fadilah says:

    Tpi lebih keren klo sama dora and drealand

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