Chris Rock Only Dates Light Skinned Women…and guess who is MAD?

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  1. Flygerian says:

    The 2nd lady is British Nigerian Actress.

  2. Russell Jordan says:

    I do notice that Mr Chris Rock goes for the Mixed

  3. pink1237480 says:

    I think it is selfish and rude to tell someone who they should and shouldn't prefer.

  4. Venegeance Seeker says:

    So what? Black women wanted white and light skinned men since slavery

  5. Mr Graves says:

    chris rock is phony i lost all respect for him when he let white male use the N word on a show ..

  6. Vertex Shabbaz says:

    If this relationship doesn’t work out I’m not touching another black woman.

  7. Khairi Khan says:

    Nah, Chris' 1st wife, was what we call "brown skinned", she had a MEDIUM complexion.

  8. Lord Future says:

    Shid I’m a black man and only date white and foreign women. I don’t even talk down about black women but yet I get talked down for my preference 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. Rudene Igles says:

    Black women do it everyday and there's no talk about it….

  10. GtTrader67 says:

    Oshay says dont put down black women, when you yourself used to make videos hating black women. Yep, I remember those days.

  11. FATS MAN says:

    When it come to Sistas Wishful thinking is the word….. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. miko adu says:

    But he still choose black so whats the big deal

  13. hal funk says:

    Every year, we get new generations to say the same old sh!t. My Black woman is lighter than me… and im not dark enough for darker women… and I been told this by a Black women who I wanted to date.

    So, I blocked any woman from saying this to me again… lighter women than me is my preference.

  14. thomas martin says:

    I find it amazing that those same black women who complain about black men preferences are the SAME women who chose white and non black men, the SAME. That goes to show that's another crutch to be unaccountable

  15. McAndrew Loiseau says:

    I guess it’s a case of “do what I say, not as I do” ! Smh !

  16. Aceblack Aceback says:

    Nobody cares about Blankmans preference get over yourselves you would think that you have any kind of power in this world much less looks. ,please get out of BW faces,

  17. southern king says:

    Chris can date who he wants, I'm sick of everyone d**k policing black men, like I said before, I prefer light brown to high yellow women, I don't give a DAMN how anyone feels about it, if I'm not a woman's type fine, I keep it moving, people have the right to want who they WANT

  18. shonshea says:

    Leave the man alone. All the women are sexy. It’s his and the women choice.

  19. kawaiiafangirl says:

    There's Black men out there dating White women, Hispanics, and Asians and people go at Chris Rock for dating "light-skinned" Black women? Lmao.

  20. Jorel Boston says:

    BM You have the right to have a preference & option to date, sleep with, and marry whomever you want. Also you can vote for whomever you want to.

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