World of Warships – Rock, Paper, Scissors…..right

Remember when this game was actually designed to make sense and follow rules? Rules that WG themselves came up with? You know, rock, paper, scissors…where BBs were designed to counter cruisers, cruisers were designed to counter DDs and DDs were designed to counter BBs?

Tell me what you think of this in today’s WoWS that we got.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Ethan Eisen says:

    Flambass its more like Rock, Paper, Scissor, Flambass. Flambass triumphs over all

  2. dzello says:

    Torping a Thunderer is hella hard with IJN destroyers tbh, engine or not. Those things turn like strippers on a pole.

  3. dbracer says:

    The irony of pointing out the high skill needed of players using Thunderer, CVs and Smolensk… Whilst playing Harugumo 😀

  4. Zumzifero says:

    ARP Yamato costs 115€ and some here where I live. I Must say it's a lot, but if you take in accunt the 63€ you have to pay for any of the tier IX ships for sale it is not that much, being a Tier higher. I'm not endorsing the whole "Pay me money to get access to a tier X, but then this ARP Yamato is just a regular tier X ship with Premium Income and cammo.

    Who am I , or you to judge on how people spend the money they earn if this does not gives them an unfair advantage in game?
    I've been much more enraged with the plethora of tier IX ships that are strigth up better version of the one in the tech tree, like Georgia and Pommern, or like Alaska, and Aegir and Friesland. I'm also very upset with atrocities like Smolensk, and Thunderer, easily obteniable with some coal (premium crates) and with discounts released regularly by WG, which are pestering the game at higher tier. I'm pissed off, but apparently everyone is fine with that and most CCs have their "To Buy guide" for all the best and most OP ships to obtain. What about those stupid Massachusetts everyone own because it is a straight better version of NC and Alabama?
    Back in the old times everyone was complaining about Missuri, being too good with the radar, but now we have Georgia which is a straight better ship, more powerful, faster, bristling with secondaries and extra good heal and everyone and his mother is buying one for cash. And there is PayToRico for 230€ stright in your face that you simply have to demolish piece by piece because it does not punish you for your stupid errors.

    Can anyone tell me WHY should I be upset because there is a special edition of the regular Yamato you can buy and will be gone when the ARP event will end?
    HOW will this fact change my games? Do you think a TRUE POTATO with max tier III ships in the dockyard will "ENJOY" this ship and stay for long at tier X rather then go back and learn to play? …. Or does he rather buy a thunderer and scrape the blue line while all his time die farming enough points to actually be in the top players on his team?

  5. Jon Costa says:

    Interested in the game but figured I'd be late to the party. Thoughts on this everyone? Is this game in it's down turn? Is another big pvp ship game due to be released?

  6. Rene D says:

    And if u wanna suffer… play the hakins with a 6 point captain

  7. Sleepy Gryphon says:

    Technocally it is a 150 euro capt, skin and module, since you can get the Yammie for free by playing.

  8. mstitcher says:

    battleships kill cruisers, cruisers kill destroyers, destroyers kill battleships, cv kill all…

  9. Frik Na luzie says:

    Yes Flambass, cruisers are supposed to kill destroyers. They were not designed to kill hilariously ubalanced, sci-fi napkinwaffe bullshits.

  10. TheFuzzypuddle says:

    the transformers voice overs are incredibly annoying addition to the game.

  11. Shadepariah says:

    I like watching you play but I'll never play this game. Maybe in 20 years after the age of loot boxes there will be a nice warship simulator that doesn't cost more than my life savings to play as all the ships in…

  12. avg joe gaming says:

    Especially for China lots of people who paid 2k for a gold type 59 in wot can easily pay 200 for a ship

  13. stoneofwar says:

    Cruisers are getting rare in rounds anymore. This round is a good example of why that is with all the Thunderers and Yamatos. Get spotted in a cruiser and 48 rounds of 457 come flying at you instantly from 30 k away. Even 457 HE obliterates cruisers. For all the talk about CV`s hurting the game I think the over abundance of 457 equipped ships is worse for it.

  14. Droid Motorola 388 says:

    This game isn’t funny anymore. Is just sad

  15. avg joe gaming says:

    Imagine how many people would pay for all the ships if it had Missouri and belfast.
    Will never forget how wg lied about a contest and I should've got a kutozov plus 7 other premiums

  16. DonGiovanni says:

    Who's the commander voice?

  17. chuckles9702 says:

    I can afford a $150 Yamato, because I'm not dumb enough to buy a $150 Yamato….

  18. Robin Jansie says:

    What voicemod is being used? The gnarly voice saying shit like "Our victory is in sight, kill them all! I am invincible".
    I missed the 40k camo event but it kinda sounds like a Chaos Space Marine. Can I still get it?
    Edit: I paused the vid to ask this just for me to be given the answer by Flambino himself immedietly after unpausing xD
    And Flam, it's HERETICS(*BLAM!*), not infidels!

  19. Robin Jansie says:

    Considering the time I've put into grinding the Japanese BB line, at Izumo now, I think €150,- isn't even that bad.
    If I'd spent those hours working it would be waaaaaaay more. Then again, I live in the Netherlands and compared to Croatia our minimum wages are about 2 to 2,5 times higher (then again, again, the cost of living is much higher here as well)

  20. Scott R. says:

    Flambass: There are better things to spend your money on
    Says the guy making a living off people paying money to watch him. Hypocrite much?

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