Black Parade – Beyoncé : Best R&B Performance | The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards

Black Parade – Beyoncé : Best R&B Performance | The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards
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  1. Alexander Cormier says:

    So I'm noticing that Beyoncé whom I love dearly is adding Blue ivy very minimally to music to create her legacy earlier on. Its very smart I do hope that She gives Blue Ivy all the Vocal lessons in the world to make her as powerful if not more powerful than Beyoncé is. Its obvious that Beyoncé is taking a back seat with her music career. Congratulation Beyoncé and Blue Ivy for the Grammy. I hope we get more music from you one day but if we do not I completely understand. We all Bow to the Queen Bee and her daughter. Also thank you for helping Texans in the time of need all while You know who ( who is not even worth dropping his name in this message) was busy vacationing in PR until he got caught(Punk). Beyoncé I hope you run for President one day (You have my vote). You'd win Hands down. Who run the world? One last thing….Beyonce owns Jay-Z you could see the tension.

  2. You-In-Your FEELINGS says:

    I hate the editing, so annoying.

  3. Asep Gobres says:

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  4. Rená Miller says:

    What's up with all of the in and out? I know CBS didn't think that was how we like to watch tv.

  5. Beyoncé says:

    okay queen?

  6. Kat Mat says:

    What is she wearing? Ugly.

  7. Marsaya Ya says:

    Lol love how they aggressively zooms to Harry styles. I mean man is beautiful soo

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