Is Lil Nas X The Future Of Rap Music?

Lil Nas X arrived at the 2021 Met Gala on Monday ready to throw down — fashionably — in a three-part Atelier Versace outfit that required him to strip down on the red carpet with the aid of a dedicated team. X’s first look was a beaded, high-collared golden cape (seen above), which featured a long, sweeping train. But underneath the regal look was a futuristic, C3PO-worthy suit of armor, revealed with the help of X’s team. For his third outfit, X shed his heavy-metal getup to reveal a sparkly catsuit.

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Troi Torain aka STAR is a multimedia personality whose career has spanned the arenas of radio, television and the world-wide web. Considered a radio pioneer by many, Torain’s personal brand STAR & BUC WILD has set precedents in the urban landscape. STAR made the national stage on MTV in 1999 (Beat Suite) but it was his radio shows on New York’s Hot 97 and Power 105 that launched him into super stardom. Torain’s resume also includes WEA (Warner Elektra Atlantic), Virgin Records, The Source magazine, Power 104.1 (Hartford), Power 99 (Philly), Hip-Hop Weekly magazine,, 100.3 The Beat (Philly), VH1 (The Gossip Game) Everyday Struggle (Complex) and The Star Report. In 2011 STAR was also inducted into News Ones Top 20 greatest radio personalities of all time —

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  1. THE STAR REPORT says:

    Please visit my sponsor and tell them I sent you Smart Land Buyers ownership Made Simple. Low Down Payments, Low Monthly Payments and No Credit Required #Landinvestors #realestate

  2. waco texas mayor says:

    Man people forget the south dont need radio play most rappers in the south have more money then moat of yall favorite rapper

  3. Jump Stew says:

    Star is gonna be sick af from the Moderma shot

  4. Villard Antenor says:

    Gods disciple not the gang

  5. k leneave says:

    R.I.P Star

  6. birdsflying high says:

    Quarter waters.

  7. Al Jazzi says:

    Hiphop is letting it in so there u go for the money bitch asses


    But lil nas x music is trash.. he is himself. Thats cool but his music is trash

  9. Nell Wash says:

    Most definitely & whoever his executives are is who OWNS The culture

  10. HOOPER 40 says:

    It is possible to get the "bag" yet keep your integrity. These cats just haven't figured it out yet and because they haven't figured it out they go all "out" and leave Hip-hop in the state it is now……….DEAD!!! I guess everything does have a price, even your integrity, pride and even the culture itself…..

  11. Omar Scruggs says:

    Nah Star Pfizer is best

  12. applehead498 says:

    Go for you… on your vaccine.

  13. Julian F says:

    Yo I almost crashed my car when star said he did feel a little Flutter around his heart

  14. Cee Jay says:

    The real question is whose gonna chart wheb Nas album drops. Drake X Kanye West X Lil Nas ????!!!!

  15. waco texas mayor says:

    The first rapper to do a country rap song was tow down country rap tunes look it up

  16. JedEye MaStar says:

    I dont know not one person who listens to lil nas x star.

  17. W C says:

    I always say men should not wear slides outside just in case you have to have an altercation with another man… Just for that reason alone!

  18. 100timessquare says:

    HEY STAR, news flash!!! He will be the future if people with platforms keep talking about him. So please….Everybody, STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS DUDE!!!!

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