What are the Best 90s R&B Movie Soundtracks? | Can We Talk R&B Podcast

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Can We Talk is a podcast that focuses on the past, present, and the future resurgence of R&B Music. It’s hosts, Mental Health Psychotherapist and host of Half time Chat Nnamdi E.S. Okoye and Omar Hudson, published songwriter and Poet also founder of a group of published songwriters, The Notebook.

They offer their perspectives as well as create a community where R&B fans alike can reminisce on their favorite songs and artists as well as get updates on current events in the world of R&B. All are welcome to participate with discussions, opinions and knowledge on the ever changing genre.

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  1. Mo Sunshine says:

    I Like It Like That, Juice, New Jack City, Poetic Justice, Jasons Lyric and Above The Rim

  2. Luvenia Williams says:

    Waiting to Exhale
    Soul Food
    Love Jones
    A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
    The Bodyguard

  3. razqayum1 says:

    Mo money
    New jack city
    Above the rim
    My top 5

  4. DJ ALLDAY says:

    ☝R&b. ☝Rap
    Waiting to Exhale. Street Fighter
    Booty Call. Belly
    Boomerang. The Show
    The Nutty Prof High School High
    The Best Man. Streets is Watching

  5. Gary Johnson says:

    New Jack City
    Jason Lyrics
    Best Man
    Love and Basketball
    Honorable Mentions: Soul Food, Above the Rim, Space Jam (1996), love Jones, the wood

  6. Olivia Berry says:

    Above the Rim
    Love and Basketball

  7. Ira Soul says:

    Boomerang, Waiting To Exhale, Soul Food all great soundtracks Produced, Written and Composed by Babyface

  8. JASON Dawson says:

    I love how Stella got her groove back soundtrack: Boomerang
    Nutty professor
    Menace To Society
    Jason Lryics soundtrack πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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