(FREE) 5AM IN TORONTO Vol.2 – Soulful R&B Loop Kit | Sample Pack 2021 | (Drake, Meek Mill, G Herbo)

(FREE) 5AM IN TORONTO Vol.2 - Soulful R&B Loop Kit | Sample Pack 2021 | (Drake, Meek Mill, G Herbo)

FREE DOWNLOAD: https://tinyurl.com/vkfvbu9f ( 4 samples)
PURCHASE COMPOSITIONS: https://bsta.rs/8448c7f1a ( 30 samples )

(FREE) 5AM IN TORONTO Vol.2 – Soulful R&B Loop Kit | Sample Pack 2021 | (Drake, Meek Mill, G Herbo)
5AM IN TORONTO Vol.1 – https://bsta.rs/55be7cfb
30 unique compositions created and flipped by Aurora Beats | Inspired by Drake x Bryson Tiller x Tory Lanez x Rick Ross x J Cole
ALL samples are labeled with BPM & KEY
Compatible with any DAW
WAV Files
You own 100% profit by selling beats on your website with these samples

Placements with major artists or major labels must be cleared contact (aurora.musicbrand@gmail.com)

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  1. Aurora Beats says:

    FREE DOWNLOAD: https://tinyurl.com/vkfvbu9f ( 4 samples)

    PURCHASE COMPOSITIONS: https://bsta.rs/8448c7f1a ( 30 samples )

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    all aurora do is make hits swear to godddd

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