Joe Cool Spits A Dope Freestyle & Says Why The Rap Game Needs Him

Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Joe Cool for an exclusive interview. He talks about where his name comes from, spits a dope freestyle, talks about why the rape game needs him producing, new projects & much more! TAGS: joe cool “joe cool” interview ti50interview October Afternoon (MUSIC VIDEO) i wanna sell drugs official music video 2012 new exclusive album mixtape


  1. CHillProds says:

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  2. jweezyswag says:

    seen joe cool perform few days ago. check out my videos

  3. KillaJLAV says:

    @blckggg u still on that?? It’s a new day kiid.

  4. PAHZAZZ says:


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  5. 1ste300ent says:

    1ste300ent come and check out pontiac,mi finest

  6. blckggg says:


  7. prutis601 says:

    The Game could use Joe Cool being that these artist nowadays talk about the same stuff

  8. StunnaTwo9 says:

    That I wanna sell drugs shit nice, he raps about the shit everybody goes thru, cus I sure as hell ain’t poppin bottles everyday, shopping sprees and shit the average person struggles thru life one way or another

  9. ImSoElousiveTv says:

    Lyrics were vicious!

  10. MrAloo14 says:

    snoopy was cool dude he,s a dawg lol

  11. DrewSmoothTV says:

    Man the game don’t need no more southern artist..

  12. nikeboy245 says:

    Seems like a cool dude. Hope he can get the opportunity.

  13. JuicyJustus says:


  14. BswiftxSwag80 says:

    Finally some real lyrics from a real rapper for a change

  15. DaksMusic11 says:

    Hey whattup, I’m a young rapper…and I know that phrase is getting used so much it’s annoying
    but I’m just tryna chase my dream and achieve a decent following of people, and build from there
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  16. KYCTellEM says:

    He said he works at mcmdonald lol

  17. 78stl78 says:

    Jack don’t lie did 50 beat that ass r did he just take the chain from yo ass?????

  18. smoove82 says:

    yo from leesville homie that’s what’s up i’m about 2 hrs from there I do my music shit to it’s good to see somebody from this area who can spiut and doin it big

  19. rarulis says:

    “Hold on, they cant see my watch” LOL Jack you crazy fool.

  20. rarulis says:

    Dude got a smooth flow/voice. Better than 95% of the people we hear on here.

  21. Dr3ar25 says:

    Lol in the info it says “talks about why the rape game needs him”

  22. mobstr209 says:

    Das was up ! Keep it real bruh!!

  23. Tecknolgy says:

    If one man say another man ugly than ur gay

  24. doseeh says:

    i only watch these to hear some funny shit by jack thrilla and with artist i do like only makes the interview bettet. goodshit 50

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