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Carrie Underwood ‘Two Black Cadillacs’ – Music Video [OFFICIAL FM]

Carrie Underwood 'Two Black Cadillacs' - Music Video [OFFICIAL FM]

Official fan made [FM] video of Carrie Underwood’s new single ‘Two Black Cadillacs’. I have used Carries musical discography from her previous official video clips to create the story line which leads up to Two Black Cadillacs (I felt like they all had an progressive storyline towards this song). I had the vision to do this storyline after the first time I heard the song after purchasing her album and seeing the official teaser video. Clips used to create this fan made video include – * Two Black Cadillacs (Official Teaser Video),* Just a dream, * Blown Away, * Wasted, and * Whiskey Lullaby from Brad Paisley + Allison Krauss (as I loved this song/video and parts of that song too connect with this song). I’m usually a singer on here in YouTube land, but felt like taking a break from singing to work on my video editing skills as I was dying to make the video for this. So I hope you enjoy it, thanks so much for the overwhelming support so far, it makes me so happy that people are enjoying this video until the real one comes out this January. – Katey xxx

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