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Damir Puh – 20 Licks: Rock to Prog

Get the licks: http://bit.ly/RockToProg

Damir Puh brings his expansive knowledge and full throttle phrasing to every single lick in his sensational playing debut.

Damir unfurls the whammy, busts out the shred and shares ideas that work in all manner of contexts, whether it’s classic rock to skull-shaking metal. Not only has he crafted the licks in this package, he also concocted the backings. A massive feat when they sound this killer.

In 5/8, 4/4 and a 4/4 half time shuffle, Damir brings legato, tapping, bends, slides and a plethora of technical tricks to the table. Add to that some unique odd note groupings and whammy happy phrasing and you have a release that will lay the groundwork for your very own prog manoeuvres.

Includes 20 sensational licks and four killer backings, both fast and slow, as well full tab/notation and a PDF theory guide to guide you through the licks.

Overhaul your skills with Damir Puh’s 20 licks. From rock to prog and everything in between, get ready to take your guitar chops to the next level.

Get the release: http://bit.ly/RockToProg
4 sample licks: https://youtu.be/r_rR0zW2ETQ
Also from Damir, “Riffy Rock”

Damir links
IG: https://www.instagram.com/damirpuh/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/damirpuh.guitarist/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/damirpuh
Website: http://damirpuh.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/damir-puh

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Peggy’s Leg Grinilla 1973 Ireland, Progressive Rock, Prog Folk

Peggy’s Leg – Grinilla 1973 (Ireland, Progressive Rock, Prog Folk)

The only album from Dublin (Dublin), active in 1970-1975, a group in Ireland, particularly the legendary … Implemented on their own label Bunch … As the music – like the early Genesis. The group created quite a stir in his homeland, but the world remains unknown. In 1971, the annual survey of “Leg Peggy” has won in several categories (note that while there was no Thin Lizzy) … First, the first in the category of best new group, and secondly, Jimi Slevin (creator of the group) was considered the best guitarist of Ireland, third Don Harris got the title of best drummer. Grinilla album was recorded in Dublin, Eamonn Andrews Studio in just 23 hours. Five authors combined the strongest tracks of the quartet. The structure was built around the songs of exquisite and ornate guitar that sounded soft and relaxed (acoustic pieces) and also to specify the heat. In the last six songs of the album Sabre Dance musicians paid tribute to classical music and performed a snippet of the works of Aram Khachaturian. After the release of records of the case the group is clearly not gone up the hill. Relationships in the group became very tense, and Jimi Slevin took a very controversial decision to join the band Skid Row, who decided to resume the work after the departure of Gary Moore. But even there he did not last long, preferring to engage in producing new artists. He then moved to Germany where he continued the success of a producer … After the departure of the leader of the remaining members decided to continue the activities under the guise of Peggy’s Leg, and for this purpose, they invited a member of one of Ireland’s best guitarists – Eric Bell (Eric Bell). But in 1975 the group broke up after all …

01. History Tells (Jimi Slevin) – 0:00
02. Think For Youself (Jimmy Gibson) – 5:50
03. Variations For Huxley (Jimi Slevin) – 10:38
04. Into The Nightmare (Jimmy Gibson) – 20:38
05. Just Another Journey (Jimmy Gibson / Jimi Slevin) – 28:15
06. Sabre Dance (Aram Khachaturian) – 38:00
07. Son Of Girilla (live) (Jimi Slevin / Don Harris / Jimmy Gibson) – 41:33

– Jimi Slevin – guitars, vocals
– Jimmy Gibson – guitars, vocals
– Vincent Duffy – bass
– Don Harris – drums, percussion
– John Brady – bass (07)
– Basil Hendriques – producer
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