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Explosive Rock Ballad Guitar Backing Track Jam in G Minor

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The G Minor (aeolian) scale or just the Gm Pentatonic scale will serve you well. Just let your fingers do the talking.

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Eminem Responds To Machine Gun Kelly “Rap Devil” With “Killshot” Diss Track

Eminem disses MGK with “Killshot” and gives fans exactly what they’d been waiting for when Eminem replies with “Killshot” in response to Machine Gune Kelly’s “Rap Devil” on Friday (September 14).

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Produced, Voiceover & Video Edit: Pro (Jaysn Prolifiq)

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Aggressive Rap Hiphop Beat | Hard Trap Instrumental (prod. YS on da track)

This Aggressive Rap Hiphop Beat was prod by YS on da track!
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Grungy Bluesy Rock | Guitar Backing Track Jam in Em

The E Minor (Aeolian) scale or just the Em Pentatonic is pretty much all you need. Just let your fingers do the talking.


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– *PLAY WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART*. Don’t let your fingers go on auto-pilot. This can be achieved by humming and singing a melody or phrase and then recreating it on the guitar. This is how many pros practice.

– *GET CREATIVE*. Think of your solo like a conversation. You don’t talk in monotone and say the same things over and over again, do you? Use inflection, intonation, pause, pitch and volume like you would if you were speaking. Never underestimate the power of building dynamics in your solo.

– *FIND YOUR VOICE*. When it comes to guitar solos, phrasing is everything. It gives you your unique voice and is something the greats have worked hard to master. Try to develop iconic nuances that define your style (a vocabulary of sorts)… whether that’s bends, licks, runs, hammer-ons etc. Your voice is waiting to be heard.

Thanks for watching and enjoy! πŸ™‚

And remember…

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
– Plato
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Rock Backing Track Jam in F#m

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A Section: F#m.. D, A (last chord E)
B Section: F#m.. D.. Bm.. F#m.. (last time goes to E/G#, A, C#m)
C Section: Bm.. A, D… A.. C#m…

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VBS music videos 2013 Speak Up (Tell the World) Track 3

Video Rating: 3 / 5

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VBS music videos 2013 RIDE OF YOUR LIFE Track 4

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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VBS music videos 2013 COLOSSAL COASTER WORLD Track 1

Video Rating: 3 / 5

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New punjabi music videos 2013 super Latest Bollywood new hits track 2012 songs 2010 Full download

New punjabi music videos 2013 super Latest Bollywood new hits track 2012 songs 2010 Full download ten nice good OST rocking spicy super hit todaLatest y trac…

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Papa Roach – One Track Mind (Official music video)

Papa Roach (c) 2012 alt. link: vimeo.com